9 July 2012

The Basics of Domain Name Registration

Domain Names Availability
Domain Names Availability
Author: Jass Sawhney
Everyone these days wants to have a piece of the internet pie for themselves. For most business people, the internet is a worldwide shop and the entire world is their clientele. No one knows who could drop in and make a purchase. People could want a website for non-commercial purposes too. Once a person decides to have a website of their own, the next things that engage their mind is the domain name.

There Is Much in a Name
The process of web domain registration starts with choosing a name. Most people think that domain names have to be catchy so they get busy cooking one up and as soon as they get one they rush out to register it without pausing to think whether the name suits their image and their business. Spend some time while you search domain name.

Domain names have extensions like .co or .in. These are meant to indicate where you are from and also the clientele that you aim to attract. If this aspect is important to you, do choose the one that describes your position best. People who have a global presence choose .com. While you get ready for web registration, keep these things in mind.

Once the choice of the name is out of the way, you can turn your attention towards actually registering the name. When you start looking around for a web registration service, be on the lookout for fake ones who are likely to register it using their personal information. That means the domain does not connect with you even remotely. They could also charge you a lot more than you need to pay for it.

In order to make your website rank high on the search engines make sure you use relevant keywords in your domain name. If cakes and cookies are your business, those words should be in your domain name. Try and keep names short. They are easier to remember and easier to reproduce without mistakes.

Keep Away From Known Trademarks
If at all possible keep away from trademarks that belong to companies. Companies have copyright protection and can drag people to the courts for infringement. When you are occupied with choosing a name, keep all this in mind.

Keep away from hyphens. They make names unnecessarily long and users are in danger of getting them wrong. Website owners use hyphens when they want to personalize a name that they have chosen. If you wish to make sure that no one else should use your name, use multiple extensions like .org or .net. With multiple extensions, you can keep your domain name safe.

Go For Solidity
When you search for web domain registration companies, ask friends for references. Choose companies that have a solid presence with a clear address and phone numbers. Such companies are less likely to run away with your money. Reputable companies have ICANN registration. Companies that have been around for some time are more likely to have accreditation. The company you choose should ideally come up when you do a Google search for "domain registration companies". If you do all this, your search domain name venture will be successful.

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