27 August 2012

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Website

Website Builder
Website Builder

Websites in thousands are available on the internet these days catering to a huge range of products and services. Accordingly millions of people access this online source each day and look forward to accessing information without wasting too much of time.

In a website building process, one aspect that needs to be given utmost importance is making the website appealing as well as user friendly. This is a tricky job and mistakes have to be avoided to ensure visitors are retained. There shouldn’t be any kind of technical difficulties which could ward off visitors to your site.

Mistakes Highlighted
To understand more on this, listed here are the five most common mistakes that take place when you builda website.
  • Slow loading time due to videos and audios
  • Weird or quirky domain names
  • Lay major emphasis on customers
  • Auto play music
  • Improper color schemes
The first is the loading time. In this fast paced life, no visitor is going to wait for too long for your web pages to load. Some sites take forever just to load a single page. So, make an easy to load business website. Keeping options available like skipping the introduction section for including a particular feature or video for introduction etc which in the process could reduce loading time. On the site there could be other places for the audio and video clippings thus ensuring faster loading. The next thing to do is get the plans for web hosting updated to ensure an efficient website. Another option is switching over to new website builder for web hosting.

Don’t Undermine Your Brand Identity
Using a weird or quirky name for the domain is another mistake that is committed. The name may not have anything to do with the service or product sold online. Keeping an extra-large domain and using hyphens unnecessarily can make it even more difficult to remember and type on the search engine. Identity of your brand could be undermined in this process, hence select a domain that highlights your brand easily. All the creativity you are thinking of can be saved for the website’s other aspects.

Laying major emphasis on customers is very important. Visitors look for content online, but make sure it is interesting, topic specific and not too lengthy. Provide resourceful help to them. Adding bulleted points, catchy sub headings, adding a picture, etc are some of the methods of keeping customers engaged at your site. If this is kept in mind then traffic towards your site is sure to increase.

Manual Option to Play Music
A large number of visitors prefer a private visit to your site and will not want the rest to know what they are researching upon. If you use the auto play music option on your site then at the time of homepage loading the music can attract the attention of co-workers etc. Keep the manual option available for visitors where they can listen to the music only if needed.

Some for the website designers may not use appropriate color schemes which makes viewing of content difficult. Selecting basic color is essential to allow easy text reading. Professionalism is invoked on using basic colors. Customers will go away to another site if they see the quirky colors. If the above five mistakes are taken care of then you can createa website worth visiting thousands of times. 

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