22 August 2012

Convert your blog into your personal website

Build a Website
Build a Website
If you have been a blogger with a good number of visitors to your blog, then you can start or convert it into your personal website using website templates. Generally blogs are offered for free but many facilities are blocked in a blog. You cannot advertise in a blog which is done for free. There is a restriction on the themes that can be used and also software that can be used. When you convert your blog into a website all restrictions are removed.

Search for good domains
By creating a website using an html website creator your visitors get to experience the blog and the site at one go. Your blog will feature on the search engine faster when a web site is created. The conversion of the blog to the website is quite easy. It is easier than creating a website afresh. You only have to choose the correct domain to change over your blog.

Some domains give you space with an expiry date and you will have to keep renewing your space booked almost every year. Look out for domains that will give you life time space. This way once you have taken your space it is yours for lifetime. You have to keep it alive and interesting with your articles, advertisements and other interesting information.

Look for FTP
The conversion from blog to website is possible only when the server has FTP which is File Transfer Protocol. This is a network protocol which is standardised to transfer files from one host to another. Choose the correct setting of FTP needed for your website. You have to then log into the hosting service and create a file where your blogs will appear after the site is created. The file should be named similar to the blog name you had already created.

After this you have to log into your blogger. Click on ‘settings' under which you will find a link saying ‘publishing'. When this link is clicked another link which says FTP is shown. Once this is clicked you are close to combining your blog and website. The address of this combined version will be like this, http://servername.com/blog.

Create a unique name
The blog file name should be created so that the index for your blogs can be created. It is easy to scroll down the index list and choose the blog required. Ensure that there is no other page with the name you give for the blog file name. If the same name is give then all the files will be overwritten.

The FTP password is something that you get when you sign up with a hosting server. This password has to be entered correctly and should not be disclosed. Like the function of any other password it has to be remembered to gain entry into your website. Then you will get an option of making your blog public. This is optional and can be skipped if you do not need to go public.

When you are through with all these steps then just click on ‘save settings button' and your blog is converted into website. There are many companies who will do the conversion for you. Take their help and build your own website.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-design-articles/convert-your-blog-into-your-personal-website-6124988.html


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