1 August 2012

Kick-starting your Domain Reseller Account

Domain Reseller
Domain Reseller
Every business today needs an online presence with a website that can easily establish its online identity in the world of internet. Any business without a professional website stands to lose a lot in terms of lost business opportunities as well as the serving the existing client base optimally. A website is an excellent tool to market your services to a large pool of prospective clients, especially when the number of internet users is increasing by leaps and bounds. According to the latest figures, the number of internet users in India has crossed 100 million marks, and the number will triple itself in three years from now. Hence, building a website is no longer an option but a necessity.

This translates into a huge potential for entrepreneurs to provide a wide spectrum of web services like domain names, web hosting, email solutions, SSL certificates and the like. As the rapid market growth will increase the demand for these services, it makes an excellent business proposition to start a domain reseller business to provide a host if web related services to a large number of users looking for an online identity. The opportunity lies not just in businesses and the professionals looking for a website, but also for the individuals who would like to create their online presence.

Starting a domain reseller account is very simple. All it requires is to sign up for a reseller account for any of the registrars providing web services in your country and use the reseller panel to start booking the services to your clients.

Most of the registrars have various membership grades and require an initial deposit of certain amount which, generally, can be used to purchase services from the reseller panel. Once you sign up and activate your account, you can start registering the services for your clients. Almost all the registrars provide a dynamic and user-friendly interface generally called a ‘Reseller Control Panel’ for you to register and manage the services for your clients. As a domain name and web hosting reseller, you are, mostly, given the freedom to decide on the pricing of the services that you are going to resell according to your agreement with the service provider. Many service providers also provide you a White label reseller account wherein you can sell and market all their services in using your own name.
Although terms of service differ from one registrar to the other, the basic features of a reseller hosting account remains essentially the same.

Hence, step into the world of internet and be a part of the growth story…!


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