4 May 2012

Importance of reliable Web Hosting services

Most people find Web Hosting as an extremely technical domain that requires a lot of learning. Though this industry has grown very rapidly in the past few years, very few people seem to have the in-depth knowledge about it. Shopping for a reliable hosting service provider can sometimes be very complicated, as there are not one but many service providers available in the market. With such a large range to choose from, at times it becomes a daunting task to find a reliable hosting company.

Reliability of the service provider is the most important and vital criteria that a user must look for when shopping for a hosting service provider. Having a website will practically be of no use if the website is constantly plagued with problems. A reliable website hosting company will always make sure that your website has a very low downtime.

Net4 India is one of the leading Web Hosting Company in India. The company offers reliable hosting solutions in the form of up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. It also provides its customers 24/7 support and unlimited data transfer. Net4 offers all major types of hosting plans, such as Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Server Hosting.

2 May 2012

Things to consider while buying Website Hosting

In order to buy a good Website Hosting plan it is necessary for a user to keep several critical things in mind. As web hosting is considered to be of great significance, it is very essential that a user must consider several hosting options before making any choice. Features such as customer service, bandwidth, disk space, as well as the set up process are among the most crucial things to consider when picking a web host. The software and hardware used by the hosting service provider is also a major factor that needs to be considered. Once the user has complete knowledge about the software and hardware being used, he can easily compare it with other web hosts and see which suits him the best.

Another vital factor that needs to be assessed carefully is the uptime guarantee offered by the website hosting company. A web host that can keep the website operational for the maximum duration is recommended to users. These features not only constitute a reliable hosting plan but also play a significant role in comparing different types of hosting solutions.

With more than 80000 websites hosted on it servers, Net4 India is considered among the pioneers of the Indian hosting industry. The company offers affordable windows hostingLinux Hosting as well as Java Server Hosting solutions to its customers.