6 June 2012

What are Domain Names?

What are Domain Names? A domain name is basically the address of a user or any entity on the Internet. It is an address that others need to remember in order to find anything on the web. These are basically alphanumeric names that are used to refer to different IP addresses on the Internet. They usually come along with a suffix, such as .com, .org, .gov, or .edu.

Before we dig deep into domain names, let me explain you why has it become so necessary to register domains. A Domain Name basically allows the user to create a unique and exclusive identity on the web. By registering a domain name the user can perform a number of tasks on the internet. He can effectively use his domain either to set up a website, or to have a personalized email account, or for simply blocking purposes. Selecting the right Domain for your business is among the most crucial decisions that you would need to make, as it offers the first impression to any stranger who does not know anything about you or your business.

Several things need to be considered when planning to register a name for a business. A name that is relevant to the business and features the name of the business will offer an immediate recognition to the website. So when you sit down to choose a name for your website, always keep in mind that it should be unique.

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