7 June 2012

What is VoIP and what are its advantages?

VoIP is one technology that has surely changed the way people communicate today. There are several reasons why VoIP Services have rapidly become a top choice for everyone. This solution has largely gained popularity because of its cost-efficiency. This service basically enables the user to use their dedicated internet connection to make phone calls over the Internet. This service allows your personal telephone number to be programmed into the converter that acts as a link between your internet and your regular telephone.

This solution is most suited for businesses as it offers them with a range of solutions. With these services a business can not only save money, but can also boost their communication ability. This service keeps on functioning as long as the internet remains active. This service usually comes along with several add-on services, such as caller id, call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail and many more. Another vital advantage of VoIP is its flexibility and portability.

If you are looking for a dedicated VoIP Phone in India, you can contact Net4. The company also offers different VoIP recharging options via its Internet Calling Card. The company provides cheap and affordable VoIP phone services. Net4’s unmatched technical support along with its advanced network ensures that its customers get high-quality services.


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