5 February 2013

Building a Mobile Website for professionals

Build Your Website
Build Your Website

In recent times, there has been a massive growth in the number of people who use smart phones or mobile devices to access internet. In today’s fast-paced world, mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are no longer used only for voice communication, but are also being used widely for internet surfing and social media networking. Therefore, it has become imperative for business firms to make an investment in building efficient mobile websites to help grow their business. According to some estimates, about 80% of the mobile users leave the website that does not offer a user-friendly interface for mobiles. Hence an easy to use mobile website can give a business edge and impress potential customers. A mobile website is basically optimised for viewing in portable or mobile devices like a tablet or a cell phone. A professional Mobile website builder understands these requirements and makes sure that these sites satisfy both users and search engines.

There are certain technical aspects that should be taken into consideration while designing a mobile website for professionals. It is very important to understand the choice and limitation of mobile users. This will ensure that the visitors are able to find what they look for and that they are satisfied with the mobile version of the website. Analysing the mindset of the user can actually help you ensure that you put the desired things in the limited mobile version.

Secondly, one must consider the fact that mobile screens are comparatively smaller and have small pixels. Therefore, mobile friendly website versions must have a design that offers enough white space. While accessing websites on mobiles the flash animations and pop-ups can create an unfriendly user experience. So, an effective mobile website for professionals must address these issues in order to enhance users’ experience.

Although there are many mobile-friendly user interfaces available in the market but it is always advisable to pay attention to branding of your website. Nowadays, .mobi domain names are available for registrations. These domains promise good user experience through the web-enabled mobile devices. Also the .mobi sites become white-listed automatically by the network-level transcoders. This assures that the website would display well on all type of mobiles. Additionally, having a short domain name is essential for mobile sites as it is quite cumbersome to type long domain name.

In building a mobile website it is also important to provide a backlink to the main website for the users, who might be interested in accessing more information or features. Also it is a mandate to keep your website updated, as implementing new recommendations by the industry standards would help you have a better performing site. This also ensures that quality and validity of the mobile website is updated and well-maintained.

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