4 February 2013

Tips for building a Website for college students

Build a Website
Build a Website
The key to having an effective marketing presence these days is to take a 360 degree approach, which includes active online presence as well. Having an online domain helps not only organisations and institutions to reach out to a large audience, but it can also help college students in a big way. Building and hosting a personal website may seem a tedious task, however, by keeping certain guidelines in mind it becomes quite easy. The only requirement is to do some online research and then decide on a professional website builder who understands your requirements well.

The website name is the first thing that should be decided upon and registered before starting the development work. It should be crisp and must have relevance with the content that will be hosted on the website. The website name should provide an overview and make it obvious as to who are the target audience. Ideal website names are usually easy to spell, easy to remember and contain no special characters. It is advisable to have a domain name ending with .COM. However, in case the .COM domain is unavailable, students can choose other available domains such as .net, or country specific domains such as .us, .au, .in etc.

Once the website name has been decided upon, the next step is web hosting. It plays a major role in running a website without encountering any problem. Thus, it is essential to opt for professional web hosting providers as they will provide best services that will help in the optimal performance of the website. The factors that come into play while deciding upon a web hosting service provider are the reliability of their servers such as uptime record, tariff plan and other technical features offered by them. It is always recommended to go for enterprise web hosting as it offers uninterrupted and reliable services. The enterprise hosting refers to those service providers, which offer big web portals using a dedicated server.

After deciding on a professional web hosting service provider, next step is to design and develop the website. As an Internet marketing expression says 'Content is King', it is suggested that design and content must justify with the vision of the website. In this case, it is always advisable to hire a professional website builder, who will be able to develop a comprehensive web portal with desired functions and features. A website for college students should be developed accordingly, targeting the niche audience and providing relevant information about the institution along with the future prospect.

The next thing to bear in mind is the accessibility of the website. With more and more people opting to access the Internet and browsing websites on the go using their smartphones, it is only beneficial to make the website mobile friendly. Thus, it is advisable to choose a website builder who has the necessary expertise in the area. Responsive web design is another solution, which aligns the hosted content according to the size of the display it is opened on. Keeping these points in mind, it is quite easy to get a website up and running that will be able to garner more traffic and prove to be beneficial for the college students for their personal life and career.

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