25 March 2013

Create Innovative and Enticing Website with Net4's EasySite Builder

Build Your Website

Just as the name suggests, EasySite Builder from Net4 makes it easy to put a website live on the World Wide Web. The basic steps involved in the process are selecting a domain name, purchasing the EasySite package, using the EasySite Builder tool to build a website and finally publishing it on the internet.

Facilities provided by EasySite Builder to build a website

Through the builder tool, professionally made html website templates can be used to create innovative web layouts. Further, drag-and-drop functionality is available for the various pre-designed web templates. At present, more than 10,000 different types of professional templates are available to users. Unlimited pages and 2 email ids of 1GB are also provided in this web hosting package. In addition, Rs. 2500 worth of Google Adwords credit is available, which comes handy for making the website popular. Experts believe that Google Adwords is the best way to advertise one's website to the targeted audience within the available budget. This way, customers searching for relevant products and services can be easily targeted.

With the help of website building service providers, a personalized website can be created for a company to establish its presence on the internet. Benefits and other positive points of the company's products and services can be advertised while choosing to build a website. In the initial stages of website building, it is best to go through a tutorial on the way to use the Net4 EasySite Builder tool. For this purpose, Net4 also provides a 7-day trial package, which explains the whole process in a step-by-step manner, including creation of web pages, modification of the same, choosing language or templates and other necessary points. Once an individual is comfortable using the tool, then he or she can use it to create a variety of customized websites.

Types of businesses that can use the Net4 EasySite website building tool

Website builder tool is ideally suited for small businesses who wish to create their online profiles by using website building without coding. These are the most common types of businesses that make use of this tool; however services are also available at a higher level for medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. In this process, cost is significantly reduced as web designers do not have to be hired for making the websites. Most important of all, individual does not have to technically qualify in order to build a website. For addition or removal of features, it is also possible to scale up or down the website. In most cases, successful businesses would need to scale up their websites to meet the growing demands. Different html website templates are required for these, but it is possible to have multiple websites from a single hosting account.

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