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1 January 2013

Create A Place In Indian Marketplace: Register IN Domain

Domain Names Registration
Domain Names Registration
India has many business houses that have passed on their business to their sons and grandsons. There are also many business houses that have sprung up in the recent times and have made their mark in the world. There is no field that India has not got a business in. IT industry, clothing, medicals, automobiles and the list can go on. In both these category of businesses there are many young professionals who are keeping up with the changing times.

An initiative for Indians
These young professionals have made the best use of the .in domain to spread their business and make a mark in the world. Since the business can be registered in any name, it has made it easier for business houses, organizations and individuals to host their websites. And the best part of it is that it is for Indians. The domain name registrar will have to be contacted first. Domain registration is done by accredited domain registrars.

India get your business online, is an initiative by Google which has already entered into competition to get the young Indian professionals. The government of India has given the authority to a few companies to host sites with .in domain. The .in registry has the list of companies that have been accredited to sell the sites. The registry has listed according to alphabetical order and according to the business ranking as well.

All services offered
Internet has shrunk the world, yet a domain solely for India makes an exciting proposition. This has encouraged many young Indian professionals to launch new business and business ideas as well. Indian professionals are tech savvy and are making the best use of websites to sell their ideas. The main aim of .in domain is to make more Indians use the internet.

The web hosting, web builder, server, cloud server services are offered at very competitive rates and this makes it affordable for the Indians to host a website. .in domain is the Indian's internet address. There are sites which give step by step tutorials of how to set up the web, how to upload files, download files, transfer files and many more.

Competitive price
The prices offered are so competitive that it is bound to lure the .com domain holders into this domain. The unrestricted zones can be used by anyone in the world. There are a few names which are only for Indians and that too for certain areas like research, education, military and government. Website hosting in this domain has caught on very well since its launch and many are being added every day.

All the registered .in domain holders and accredited sellers are selling their services very aggressively over the net. They offer all kinds of services once again at very competitive price. The procedures are also simple. Choose names with minimum 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. Two characters names are generally used by the government and will not be available for general users. Check domain availability before finalizing.

With all facilities provided by .in domain young professionals should not find it a hassle to start a website. It is an Indian initiative to help young Indians to launch their business, services at the most affordable rates. Make the best use of it and see the difference in your life.

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31 December 2012

How to Work Comfortably Online With One of the Best Domain Names

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration
A domain name needs to be purchased for your website or websites, once you attain necessary comfort of working over the internet. It would be nice if it is a memorable one and as compared to the rest, ensures your website's higher ranking on the search engine. It wouldn't be good enough if a wrong domain name is selected. There are a few basics to be considered to make a domain booking.

Coming up with a good name for the domain is the primary thing. The latest trend is selecting combinations of dual words. If you try out using your very own name then the site would have a professional look. At the time of selection ensure to avoid spellings that are very fanciful. Also while representing sounds, avoid using 8s and 2s. Instead using the number 1 is sure to work.

Accomplishing a Memorable Name
A good idea would also be to use the name of the product or the offerings made on the site content in the domain name. Accomplishing a memorable and a short name to register domain is a good thing, but accomplishing it is a bit difficult. Coming up with a few names for the site is helpful enough so that they can be tested on the registry. Using a .com extension is always valuable as compared to .info or .net however you will need to have access to .net or .info.

If in case you are looking for a lucrative site and do not mind competition then other extensions can be picked up as well. To register domain name is not a very expensive affair. To get a better price, bulk domain name registration proves to be very beneficial. Depending upon the place where the business is located accordingly, you can select the extension.

Using Two Extensions
For example if you are running a business in the United States then .us can be used as an extension. When customers have a look at the extension they are able to ensure that they are looking a business that is US specific. This is a great idea for those online business owners who are looking towards having customers from the United States. You could be one of those fortunate ones who may have both extensions of domain names open.

In such a case if the cost of having both the .us and the .com extension does not cost too much then you can go ahead and purchase both the extensions. Geographically your site is able to get an identity of its own, immediately. In the building up of relationships on the internet, this can be one of the most crucial things. Once the website is ready, a domain name has to be purchased and submitted to the search engine which takes its time indexing sites that are new.

Building Adequate Traffic
A lot depends on the search engines to make the website valuable or not. Depending upon your need you could have more domain names, which point at one main site. The site can be set up in one domain name and web traffic from the other sites could be directed to the main site in a process called forwarding web traffic.

Just registering a domain name isn't sufficient since adequate traffic too needs to be built around it. Much before the renewal date you will need to have it renewed for multiple years and this needs to be remembered by the website owner. If you are hiring services for domain booking then make sure you identify a reliable one.

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10 December 2012

Top 5 reasons why you should register a Domain Name for your business

3 December 2012

Top 6 Reasons Why You should Register a Domain for your Business?

Domain Registration
Domain Registration
The growth of internet around the world has been phenomenal in the last few years. According to the latest statistics, the total number of internet users in the world crossed 2.5 Billion by June 2012. In India alone, it is estimated that the total number of people online will cross 150 million by the end of this year. These numbers are mind boggling.  Hence, registering a domain and building a website for business has become an absolute necessity today. A website not only provides an online identity for your business, but also helps you to reach vast global markets created by millions of online users worldwide.

Here are Top 6 Reasons why you should register a domain for your business:

  1. Get your Business Online: Every website development starts with a domain registration.  Once you get a suitable domain name for your company, you can proceed with the website designing and development.  Selecting a domain name for your business is a crucial step. You must ensure that the domain you register is unique, and easy to remember.  The success of your website depends a lot on your domain name. A good domain that gives your business a unique online identity can be leveraged to build your brand in the internet space.
  2. Domain Name builds credibility on web:  If you are trying to set-up your business online, a unique domain name is a must. These days whenever someone wants to know anything about you, he will go online and search.  Just suppose any such individual tries to find your business online. If you haven’t got any website, the person has nowhere to find you.  Getting a suitable domain name along with a website gives your business much-needed credibility in the online space. 
  3. More Professional: This point goes hand in hand with the credibility produced by a domain name.  A website completely owned by a company is more professional and trust-worthy than the one hosted on free or ISP hosted services.  The websites hosted on free platforms tend to be hobby sites or non-professional blogs.  Although such sites can be successful, but there is no question about the fact that your own domain name makes your website more likely to succeed. 
  4. Cost-Effective:  A domain name costs nothing as compared to the benefits you get from it.  At Net4, .COM can cost as low as Rs. 538 a year.  Along with every domain you also get a host of freebies like, domain privacy protection, DNS services, 2 email Ids of 1GB each. Hence, investing in a domain name for your business makes a lot of business sense. 
  5. Supports Emails: You can use a domain name to get professional email ids for your business. Professional Email accounts make your business communication more professional and secure. No matter you build a website or not, you can register a domain name just to get email ids for your organizations. 
  6. Reach Global Markets: A website can be accessed from anywhere anytime, no matter which state or country you are in. A website is the most cost-effective way to reach global markets consisting of millions of online users worldwide.  With the advanced marketing tools available, you can reach your exact audience at the exact location at the best possible time.

30 November 2012

How To Register .In Domain Name?

Domain Name
Domain Name
On the web one of the domains at the topmost levels is .in. Just like other .com domain names, .in domain can be used for different kinds of applications, e-mail and websites. This symbol is a unique one and plays an important role all over the world. A simplified process is followed for registering .in domain name. Through a number of registrars, signing up for .in name is possible.

They are not only reliable and fast but simple to use and easy to purchase. The domain name is purchased from an official registry. The opportunity of .in domain name application before the general public was provided to owners of service marks or trademarks. The domain name .in can be obtained by anyone whether it is an organization, company or individual. This name gives the owner a sense of pride.

Accredited Registrars
To consider domain names registration it is very necessary to consider registrars that are accredited only since authority of .in domain name selling to the general public is provided only to such companies. Before you select a registrar it is important to look for detailed information, the rates charged, the background of the company and different kinds of extensions available.

For different kinds of registrants, the terms and conditions offered at the .in registry are also different. The .in registry makes amendments from time to time. You need to compare the rates offered at different registrars and try to select the most affordable rate. Steps for domain names registration are very simple.

Identifying the Right One
A domain name that is well chosen indicates that the website is professional. It just takes a few minutes to register the domain name. You need to first select the name, identify a domain registrar, register it and then finally point it to an appropriate server of a website. A selected domain name can be brand centric or keyword centric.

It can be composed of letters or numbers or in a combination. In some cases there could be dashes also. More focus is laid on keyword in a domain name that is keyword centric for the purpose of search engine optimization. Such domain types are used by smaller websites. You will first need to check whether the domain name you are considering is already taken up by another company before you buy domain.

Avoiding Trademarked and Copyrighted Names
More focus is laid on selling and making of the brand in a brand centric domain name. Phrases that are copyrighted or trademarked should be completely avoided. If another domain name is copied, legal action can be taken by the holder of that particular name. Since there are so many companies offering services for a domain name the chances of finding an affordable company always exists.

To buy domain names there are other kinds of extensions available besides .in, like .org, .net, .com, .biz etc. Major domains at top level include .edu and .gov especially for schools, universities and sites of governments, respectively. Staying away from .info domain names which are also less costly is advised since spammers could use them and this is the last thing any owner of a website would want.

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17 October 2012

Are You A Professional - Register Your Domain before It’s Gone

Cheap Domain Names
Cheap Domain Names
Professionals who are conducting good business in their profession need to be known on the internet. You may be a professional lawyer, a doctor or even a teacher. If you are famous, you will be known as the best in the profession. The knowledge of you being the best will be known to just a few maybe who are your clients or those who recommend new clients to you. In today’s world you need to be known globally.

Professionals create websites on the internet with domain names that bring recognition to their professionalism. For this to be a legal name and also with a copy writer authority domain registration is a must. There have been cases where domain names of professionals are laying unused on the internet, are used or even sold by cyber thieves.

Perpetual Registration
For the safety of your domain name which is in reality a goodwill created by a professional in his field, steps should be taken. Nobody should trespass and use it to earn illegal profits. For this purpose you should register a domain and reserve it forever so that no one can pry on it. If the domain is registered you can cleverly come to know if there is any activity on it. 

When you are searching for a domain name on the internet, either for a new professional venture or to promote your profession on the internet, you should look for domain availability on the internet. If you want to purchase one that already exists and is lying idle then you may contact the owner and request him for the transfer of ownership to you by offering him a reasonable fee.

Create a New Name
If you cannot purchase an existing domain name, then you can create one on your own and try to add an extension .com or you can also use the name of the country or city in which you are practicing  But remember that domain registration is very important and you should lock the ownership before the name is stolen.

Your recognition on the internet is your domain name, if someone steals it and uses it for malpractices then you will be neck deep in legal battles. If you have more names for your domain then all of them should be registered. A good site and a keyword rich domain name will draw more traffic to your website.

Get Connected On Your Email Address
Once you have domain availability on the internet, you can get the same connected to your email address. This will help to increase the traffic to your site. Don’t opt for a cheap domain name, just because you have to pay a lower price for the same. As a professional you need a name that will draw large volume clients to your website.

If you are lucky to get a cheap domain name which is rich in keyword then be sure that you get proper licenses to become the holder of the cheap domain name. In order to capture the internet market as a professional you should browse the net extensively and get a perfect domain name for your profession.

14 October 2012

What Should Be the Ideal Domain Name Strength?

Domain Booking
Domain Booking

Basically there are three approaches to determine a good domain name. The keyword, the brand and a broad keyword domain to match are the three approaches. For SEO or search engine optimization, a domain name that is branded is required which targets the right kinds of keywords. Name of a domain shouldn’t be difficult to remember or too long.

A succinct and short one is very easy to remember. Name of the site should provide an idea on the kind of service or product you are selling. The next thing is that it should be easy to read and spell. Hyphens and numerals should be strictly avoided unless it is completely unavoidable. If in case numbers and hyphens are used then you will need to be prepared to face issues related to navigation and also make the site appear less important.

Unique and Straightforward Domains
Strength of a brand name is seen when it is straightforward and unique. Again just having a brand name will not do since it may not have the kind of SEO value you have been looking for. It should have necessary links that point towards it as well. If this is not so, then no attention will be paid to the site by the search engines.

At the time of domain registration to ensure that best of the two worlds is incorporated, the ideal domain name would be one which is branded and keyword enriched. For businesses that are focused online, such domain names are most needed since performance on the internet is of utmost significance which can have positive effects in the longer run.

Better Links and Optimized Content
Some of the examples where keywords become a brand are, etc. A combination approach also works where keywords and brand names are used together for example, If you are looking towards quickest growth in organic marketing then domain name with keyword and brand in combination is best to consider along with following strategies for optimized content and better link building.

The only thing is that it is difficult to find domain names like these types while domain booking as they could also be in used by other kinds of businesses. Secondly the domain cost can be quite high to justify any start up. Domain names having just keywords would be the kind in which there is no tie to the brand or the name of the business.

Keyword Enriched Domain
Relevance of the website is indicated by the kind of keywords used in the name of the domain. Good performance is seen in the search results for domains falling in a category of this kind. is an example of a keyword enriched domain. Such domains can get the benefit on search engines due to priority given to keywords. Your website gets all the assistance required for getting off the ground as fast as possible. This also helps in establishing relevance to the queries and subject matter sought by the audience.

The only thing about this kind of an approach is that there is no availability of short keywords and key phrases since they are taken up by other online businesses. Then when the domain names become spammy and long, it becomes difficult to remember them leading to devaluation in search engine ranking. Determining the ideal domain strength always helps in search engine optimization.

13 October 2012

Benefit of Transferring Free Blogger Domain to a Custom Domain Name

Domain Name
Domain Name
Domain names work like shortcuts which point towards your blog. Without a domain name, you can own a blog of your own and have a number of domains that point towards one blog which is collection of your theme, your poses, widgets and comments which visitors see when they visit the blog. To get to your blog, the domain is a shortcut.

You could use domain upgrades of the paid variety and add the custom domains as a shortcut to the free address available for blogs. Instead of seeing the free address, the online visitors get to see a domain that is customized. The customized domain is easy to share, shorter, easy to remember and catchy too.

Upgrading Domains with Registration
On registering domains at for example the blog gets linked to the domain. When the domain is entered in address bar of the browser, the blog too shows up. Registering the domain name is an upgrade that is paid for and renewed each year and the blog continues to remain free. Even if the domain is not renewed, the blog continues to work.

If a domain registration has to be transferred to another registrar, then you need to get an authorization code generated by the registrar you have currently. The new code can be then sent to the new registrar. A few days are needed for the transfer. Even name servers can be changed. All that you will need to do is get the appropriate server name from the host and then by using the domain manager the change can be made. It is via the domain name that potential partners and customers can identify you on the internet and in turn you can build up desired credibility.

Getting a Lifetime Address
The task is not easy and hence needs careful attention when you check domain names that are most favorable for your online business. The most essential thing to have in an online business is your very own domain name and a blog as well. If in case you want to have the ISP or the Internet Service Provider moved then problems could be caused without a domain name since emails will not be forwarded properly.

A domain name is basically a lifetime online address, a hidden benefit. Domain registration of longer names is possible, but it is recommended that you keep it short. Short domain names can fetch millions of dollars at the time of being sold. Not only are they easy to remember but allow easy translation from radio advertisements, print and telephone and aren’t prone to typing errors.

Domains at a Close Match with Online Businesses
At the time of checking domain availability ensure that name of the domain is kept at a close match with the online business name. Dot com addresses are popular even if these days new extensions are available. If the domain name is trademarked and not owned by you then at the time of registering you will need to be a bit careful since it is illegal to cyber squat. Being ethical always helps to avoid falling into any kind of pitfall legally.

At the time of a domain purchase ensure that the existing domain being purchased is legitimate enough. Trying to select a domain name can be a frustrating process since most of the time; the best of names are taken away by other online businesses. Avoid grabbing at the very first name you come across. If your domain name is easy to remember then it is worth it.

28 September 2012

Imaginative website domain names to name your business

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

If you are newly opening a business then you will also need to decide upon an appropriate name for domain booking. For this, tapping your creative side would help in deciding upon a catchy domain name that is not yet taken and related to your particular industry.

If the domain name is a catchy one then customers will be able to remember and recollect it. In a startup business it is critical to have creative business names. With a good name there will no opportunity restriction for the business. For advertising and promoting business, catchy names are the best.

Incorporate the Coolest Names
The company name is used for advertising purposes. Ensure that the first priority for you is to create a good business name as part of business and marketing plan.  Some of the coolest names are incorporated in the web domain and logo of the company.

This is essential for having greatest visibility on the internet and connecting with customers. Instead of having a similar web domain name and a business name, ensure that there is a creative domain name instead. To stand out in any business you will need to select a domain name that is not obvious overly. Avoid generic names that do not have any impact on the customer.

Interesting Names with A Few Tips and Suggestions
Include some cool words in the domain name related to the business that can remain in the memory of customers. If you go with some interesting names for the company then this too can help in coming up with quirky and creative ideas in marketing, campaigns for business promotion and slogan advertisement.

A few tips and suggestions will need to be considered for a great domain name before the website registration. Conduct a survey first, talk to colleagues, friends and business cofounders to check some of the best names. In the effort of searching for creative names for the business, avoid getting personal.

Use Universal Words
Avoid adding your child’s name or the pet’s to the business since no one would be able to relate to that. Make sure universal words that are appealing are used. Creativity can be seen in noun and adjectives used in combination. Take care to see that the formula matches and goes with each other well.

You could use words, phrases and expressions related to the product being sold online. For this a customer research could be conducted regarding your products, the products of other competitors, conducting interviews and recording them, text analysis for standard phrases used etc.

Domain Names with Strategic Meaning
Selecting something vague and generic should help the business in future in case branching out is your next idea. Another great idea is to have a strategic meaning to the domain name so that the domain name is perceived better.

One thing that can come to your mind at the time of domain registration is whether the business name or the sites name should be created first. It is good to consider both the names at one time to ensure a cohesive combination. Conducting a thorough search for domain names is good enough before thinking of a creative name for the company.

26 September 2012

10 Most Popular Creative Domain Name Ideas

Buy Domains
Buy Domains

Once businesses were able to purchase domain names for business and personal use, some of the most straightforward and most simple names of domains were immediately taken up. All through the world, publishing on the internet and web activities have flourished. There is greater increase in demand for simple and some of the best domain names. The thing is that a huge price has to be paid to obtain a great name at TLD or the Top Level Domain. One of the best tools is being able to purchase domain names at top level that are specific from another country.  Registration of these domain names is done in another country, but it is easy to access these sites from the internet, no matter where you are located.

In certain countries there are restrictions on domain name registration only to those who are citizens of that particular country.  Many of the other countries do not have any kind of restriction however. To find a domain name that is creative enough, you can make the best use of web tools available online. As part of a creative strategy for registration, you could consider a few examples as listed below.
.me is one of the best domain names to consider, which has its origins from Montenegro state. With audiences that speak English, .me has great play. This extension is great choice to target companies looking for personalized services in a domain name.
One of the creative domain name seen is Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress had decided to have his domain name, Ma, registered at Tobago and Trinidad. This domain name is more direct as compared to the domain name
There is also another island chain that uses Top Level Domains names for creating a memorable and a clever domain name over the internet. It is from the Northern Mariana Islands that the a domain name uses the TLD with the .mp suffix.  A deal has been struck with the Northern Mariana Islands government by Ch.imp for offering domain registrations for free with the TLD .mp.  This website has been named cleverly to manage and publish business online.
Another inventive and impressive registration of domain name is the website for Blogs, The British government owns  small islands in a group called South Georgia as well  as South Sandwich Isles due to which .gs is the suffix made available. This registration is offered by the chain of small islands to anyone over the world. You may need to visit the island to attain the TLD for registration of the website officially.
One case that is increasing significantly is the TLD suffix belonging to the Nieu Island located in the Solomon Islands. It targets the audience in Scandinavia.
This TLD is interesting for anyone to access which belongs to the Tonga nation. Over the random TLDs, .to has a linguistic advantage obviously.
Italy uses the suffix .it which is perfect enough for inferring a particular action.  Only European Union and Italian citizens can register to the .it name. However in the native language itself the transactions take place.                  
The domain name is also widely used with obvious implications to the world of industries. It is used by affiliations and large media companies to offer programming on television or materials related to television.
The .fm TLD power is apparent if you like radio or music. To suggest latest music it serves as an engine for recommendation. This suffix .fm comes from the Micronesia Island dotting the South Pacific.
This is the domain name of the famous producer William of music in America. His brand name was relayed exactly to match the punctuation and spelling with the .am suffix. All that is needed is to type his name in the browser to get to his site.

Lots of creative possibilities exist in domain names that speak in huge volumes of whatever you do which can be considered when you buy domains

19 September 2012

Beginners Guide on Domain Name Registration

Domain Names
Domain Names
One of the most crucial requirements for establishing an online identity is registering a domain name. Domain names are considered very vital for any website, as it is the web address that others will use to track your website. People who would want to visit your website will type in this address in the address bar of their web browsers. Most people who seek to build a great online presence tend to overlook the process of selecting a domain, which is rather not a right strategy to follow. A domain must always be selected only after a careful review and consideration.

Selection of Domain Names
Most people tend to overlook the process of selecting an appropriate name, as they just focus on the way their websites are designed and hosted. There are some basic set of principles that one must follow while picking any domain name. The user first needs to define the aim of having a website. If he plans to build a website for a recreational purpose, he can get away with any name, but if the website is meant for a business purpose the name should only be selected after a cautious evaluation. Several things go into making an ideal domain name, these are:
  • It should be unique & short
  • It should be rich in keywords
  • It should be suggestive to the nature of business
  • It should be simple and easy to memorize
  • It should be easy to spell and should not complicated
Domain Registration
When you have actually selected the name that you wish to register, it is time for you to register it. Domain name registration is one of the most crucial steps in building an online identity, as a registered domain becomes a legal entity of the domain registrant and no other part has any right to it. The process of registering a domain has become much simpler over the past few years. Here are the steps that need to be followed:
  • Select the name you want to register 
  • Choose a domain registrar to register the name
  • Provide your basic information to the registrar (name, address, phone number, email id, etc)
  • Make the payment for registering the domain
Domain Registrar
A domain registrar is basically a registered organization that is authorized by domain governing bodies to register domains. As there are several companies that provide this service, choosing one will not be difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow while selecting a registrar:
  • Choose a ICANN accredited domain registrar
  • Choose a registrar that offers reasonable prices
  • Choose a registrar that offers complete customer support
  • Choose a registrar that offers add-on services
All these above tips will surely help you in registering a great domain name, which will eventually help you to build a great online presence.

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13 September 2012

Private domain registration: Another marketing trick?

Private Domain Registration
Private Domain Registration

On the internet privacy comes at a premium. Websites are open to scrutiny and comment; it cannot be kept away from curious eyes. The only way you can conceal your identity is by doing a private domain registration. If someone wants to know who owns a domain name, what they need to do is look up the WhoIs service. When they do this they will not get your personal information but they will get the name and address of the forwarding service.

Many website owners register domain names privately because they find several advantages attached to it. Marketers are always on the lookout for names and other information they can use are leads and discovery lists. They create bots that lurk on domain websites and seek out information that is listed and later sold to companies. Registering your name privately keeps your name safe from such prying eyes.

Private registration is perfect if you want to outsmart your competitors.  All you have to do to keep your venture a secret is to register it privately. No matter how much sneaking the competitor does, there will be no tell-tale signs of your venture. It is a good idea to register the domains before you buy the hosting space as doing this will give you the chance to look around for the best web hosting service.

Domain name registrations are generally done for a year’s period. When the time is up, you must remember to renew it before it becomes dead. If you renew it for a long period you will get a handsome discount. You can dabble in domain name trading where you can make money if you have domain with catchy names.

Before you buy domains run a check to make sure it is a clear one that does not contain trademarked information.  Using a public domain rather than a private web hosting means that you are not making an all-out effort to make your venture a success! Public domain names are perceived as mere hobbies and not serious pursuits like a business.

If you want your website to come alive and be successful, registering a private domain name is the way to go. When you use a free website builder the domain name can be registered as soon as the website is designed. At this point you will have to decide whether you need a public domain or a private one.

Choosing a public domain is fraught with the danger of losing your personal data to telemarketers and spammers who will fill your email with worthless spam. Paying money for private domain registration is for the purpose of keeping all this information safe. But in reality after taking your money many of these private domain name registrars sell the data to marketing firms. The downside is that you pay these registrars and yet have your personal data sold for others to exploit.

Now ICANN requires that the mailing address, email address and phone number should be on the WhoIs list. This makes things very easy for spammers to steal data.  Right now it would seem that private domain registration is a slick marketing ploy.

How Much Role The Domain Name Plays In SEO?

Domain Name
Domain Name
If you are looking to the success of your site on the search engine without wasting too much time you will need to assess the crucial role played by the domain. The name of the domain has to be given its due importance which not many people do. While selecting the domain name a few important characteristics will need to be considered. The first thing to do is keep the domain name short.

In the present times it is seen the domain names with three or four letters are being considered by businesses and the ones having five letters are gradually depleting. Ideally, the experts feel that the domain should be less than ten letters long and if this is not possible, then you should not go for more than twenty letters at least.

Selecting Number of Words
It is excellent to have one word domain names, good to have two letter words, average to have three letter words and if the domain name has more than three words then this is termed as bad. Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that it should also be easy to recall.

Most of the time, the site name is memorized and whenever it is required, the name is typed on the search engine. If the domain name is easy to remember then the user is able to recollect it faster and type it on the search engine. Hence long domain names are not recommended.

Easy Spelling
Another important aspect to keep in mind in a domain search process is the spelling. If the domain name is misspelled then the chances of reaching another site instead of your site will increase. It is advised to not use foreign and complex words.

Extension of the domain name is another important aspect that needs consideration at the time of domain registration. The .org extension is preferred by most companies at the time of developing the site. One of the most popularly used domain name extensions is the .com extension amongst users of the internet.

Descriptive Domains
There is also another important thing to keep in mind which is to keep the domain name descriptive. The domain name will be effective if it describes the products or services of the business to customers. Much before entering into the site, the visitor is able to get an idea on the kind of product or service you are offering.

Also try to avoid use of number and hyphens in the domain name to avoid confusion in the mind of the visitors. Just as the right kind of location is most important for any real estate business in the same way for a website's success, the main corner stone is the domain name.

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30 August 2012

How to Change Your Domain Name without Losing Your Website's Ranking?

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration

If in case the domain name of you site is changed it can have an adverse impact on the online traffic as well as SEO. For the purpose of search engine optimization, actually this is unadvisable. It is important to know that that the domain is linked with a range of metrics including authority, hyperlinks, characteristics and trust.

There certainly are a few risks involved if you are considering changing or transferring the domain to a new one. This change is alright if a few important aspects are taken care of. As far as traffic on the search engine is concerned the losses can definitely be minimized.

Understanding Technologies
Whenever the change is made, you will need to have a better understanding on various technologies of the web since they are responsible in affecting the status of SEO. The change is best done by an expert or a tech savvy individual who knows what exactly is being done.

At the time of registering an old domain or registering the new one at the domain registrar, obtain a new name for the domain. The common TLDs used are .net, .gr, .com etc which are utilized as GEO location signal. Rankings could be affected when a new TDL is used. If an aged or old domain is being purchased, be careful since there could be a risk of it being banned by some of the search engines.

Research on Previous Records
It is best if some research is done to determine its history and previous records. A site called could be best utilized to get an idea on how the site looked like in the past. If spamming is the reason for the domain being banned then a request for reconsideration can be filed.

Another aspect to keep in mind is ‘coming soon’ page uploading. Even if a single page is uploaded on new domains the crawlers on the search engines have the new site indexed. If there is a parked domain then this is identified by the search engine which you will need to keep in mind. Some content can be placed on the new pages where a mention is made that, this is going to be the new website location. This will surely help the search engines in identifying the new domain.

Aspects to Consider
There are other aspects to keep in mind like having just small parts of the site transferred which is of course optional. The next thing is get the files, images and web pages uploaded to the new site, record the changes if made in the paths, structure or folders which enables better mapping of URLs of old pages. The old pages will have to be redirected to the new web pages.

The best use of the tool for a change of address will have to be made in Google Webmaster Console.  A specification will be needed that the old domain has been transferred to a new one. Ensure that all the backlinks are promptly updated. If you are patient and keep up to date then you can ensure a good transition or domain name transfer from the old domain to a new one. 

28 August 2012

7 Must Have Features of a Domain Name

Domain Names
Domain Names

In an online business, there is no point just owning a domain name especially if you are looking at achieving uniqueness and individuality in the quickest time possible. Success in the online business is possible with one of the best domains.  These are seven must-have features of a domain.

1. Uniqueness
By nature the domain should exclusive or unique which is a very important feature of a domain. People too prefer an exclusive domain and hence in comparison to other domains they are sure to consider yours.

2. Memorable One
The domain should be one which is very easy and simple to recollect. If it is a complex or a difficult one to remember then visitors will not attempt to visit the site again and will move on to another site. Visitors are very impatient by nature and would like a domain that is easier to spell. If the spelling is a bit difficult then they will find difficulty in reaching your site. You will lose traffic besides which the visitor leaves irritated and looks for another site.

3. Informative and Short
The domain can attain success online if the name is not lengthy and descriptive at the same time. Even the minutest details of the product or service should be well explained by the domain. Everything that a visitor might want to know should be on the first page.

4. Captivating, Catchy and Creative Enough
To make an effective mark in the market, it is helpful if you toy with the domain name a little bit. Once a visitor lands on your domain then he should not forget the name for long. If the domain is creative, captivating and catchy enough, then only the users will be able to remember it well.

5. Topic Relevant
Visitors to the site need to relate well with the content on the site. It is this quality that ensures the goodness in a domain. The product offered online needs to be reflected in the domain name as well. There is no point if the product and the domain are different.

6. Domain Extension
Having a good extension is very important for the domain. Generally used domains include .in and .com which are effective in gaining the attention of users. The other thing about these extensions is that they are popular, being used for a long time now and very simple to remember.

7. Dissimilar and Distinct
The domain should different, distinct and dissimilar from the rest of the domain names. This will prevent the user or the visitor from getting confused with the rest of the domains. If there is a similarity in the names of domains, the desirability in using the domain is lost by users and they will not prefer to use it.

An easy to recognize domain is equally important especially for the domain buyer who is keen on marketing a service or product in the niche market. If your domain has relevance to that service or product then it gets easier for the buyer of the domain to ensure better marketing.

18 August 2012

Launch your own professional website with .in domain

Domain Name
Domain Name

With the Indian market booming with the use of net, .in domain has been introduced and already there are many takers for this domain. It is indeed a domain solely created for India. It gives many facilities for Indians, be it a business house, institutions, organizations or individuals. Indian government had the .in registry which gives a list companies authorised to sell the .in domains.

Choose a name

Launching a professional website with .in domain name is not very different from other domains. Choose a domain name that is appropriate for your work and register. Generally a fee will have to be paid for the registration. For each level there is a domain registration charge. The registration can be done for a period of minimum 1 year and a maximum for 10 years. Some authorised .in domain sellers offer free registration. You do not have to pay for a year. Government of India has reserved some names for its use and these names cannot be used.

The next step is hosting which is also followed like any other hosting companies. Here too there are many big players who are offering the hosting of website also free of cost for one year. Getting a domain name is akin to getting your company registered with the government body. Hosting is like renting a place to run your business. The host company stores all the matter for the world to see.

Design your page

To design the web pages professional help can be taken or you can use a website builder. To encourage more Indians into this domain some of the big accredited sellers of the domain offer to develop the web pages also free of cost. You can avail this opportunity or create the web pages with the help from the professionals. As soon as the web pages are designed a trial run of the pages must be done before the final hosting.

Once this is done make the website SEO enriched. There are many tips for making your website search engine optimized and you can follow that after the launch of your website with .in domain. There are some rules to be adhered to while hosting a website with .in domain.

Certain rules

The domain names should have minimum 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters. The names can have digits, letters and hyphens but the name cannot begin or end with a hyphen.  There are unreserved zones and reserved zone in .in domain. Some of the unreserved registrations are .in,,,,, and is for general category and is for individuals.

Name transfer within these unrestricted zones is permitted. But you cannot do it in the restricted area. The restricted areas are for academics, for research institutes, for colleges and universities, for government and for military. All these names are only for India while the unrestricted zones names are available for anyone in the world. 

All facilities like other domain are available here too, the only difference being it is India friendly. Many businesses and individuals have registered with this domain and many more are to add their names soon.