30 September 2012

8 Bad Decisions When Starting a New Website

Build a Website
Build a Website
While you build a website some of the best decisions need to be made but still a lot of people make some bad decisions out of which eight are listed here. The decisions made at the time of creating the website will have a huge impact on the site’s success over a longer term. Generally people are in a hurry to finish making the website and end up with some bad decisions. This is because they do not get deserved attention. The chances of creating an effective site get crippled due to such decisions.

Considering Free and Cheap Web Hosting ServicesOne common mistake which aspiring owners of website do is opting for cheap or free web hosting. At the time of starting the website a free or low priced option seems an attractive one but remember the consequence could be serious. Free hosting is slow and will have more advertisements on the site which you cannot control. Inadequate customer support and slow loading are the norm in web hosting that is priced low. Hence ensure good quality and reasonable prices are opted for.

Not Getting an Appropriate Domain NameThe other wrong decision taken is not getting an appropriate domain name. It is better to not purchase a wrong domain name or not have one at all. It is not at all easy to identify a proper domain name especially because already there are websites in millions already on the web. To find the correct domain name a variety of tools are easily available. 

Prioritizing Spiders on Search Engines than VisitorsAnother wrong decision taken is designing sites mainly for search engines for the sake of better ranking. However, visitors to websites are forgotten in the process. Hence the main aim should be to create websites focused on users and yet are friendly towards search engines. This can also help in better search engine ranking too.

Not Purchasing a Domain NameHaving your own domain name is important if you are really serious with your online business. A number of web hosting services are available for free which include Word Press platforms and offer options of owning website without there being any need for purchasing domain names. Actually to have a domain name, is not at all an expensive affair and are crucial for branding the site.

Giving More Importance to Looks than ContentMany of the new owners of websites feel excited about making new site and pay less attention to the success of websites. Paying attention about the looks is important but not at the cost of usability and quality content. Popularity with regard to having minimalistic website designs has become very popular. Just as designing needs to be given importance, the same goes to ensuring good content.

Not Targeting Effective KeywordsSome website owners fail to conduct proper research for effective keywords which negatively affects the traffic towards the website.

Not Keeping the Target Market in MindBy keeping in mind the targeted audience, the websites will need to be created. Giving customers what they need is the best way to attain success with the website.  There is no point creating a website that does not target the audience. Try to get a proper idea of the needs of targeted audience and create it accordingly.

Inefficient NavigationVisitors need to navigate properly through the website and if this does not happen then it can get frustrating. Maneuvering through the pages should be an easy and hassle free experience. If navigation is easy then it proves helpful in conducting a wide search of maps and the sitemaps.


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